How knowing computer scheduling algorithms can help us to be productive?

We all want to get more things done efficiently and quickly. Computers are best at it. So Let’s try to understand some computer scheduling algorithms to see how we can apply them to our daily lives to become more productive at our tasks.

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How to setup subdomain for aws api gateway?

I needed to setup a subdomain for a REST service hosted in AWS API Gateway.

Many components had to configured correctly to get all pieces to work together. I could not find a concise instructions online and there is too much of stuff to read in AWS documentation. I will share the exact steps I did to get it working so that others doesn’t have to figure it out in a hard way like I did.

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Does School Kill Creativity?

We are all born with boundless creativity. But are we educating people out of their creative capacities? If schools are undermining our creativity, What should we do about it? Inspired by Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED talk, I will share my thoughts based on what I learnt about schools, education and creativity.


Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? is the most popular TED talk and has about 45 million views at the time of my writing this. Ken Robinson makes a good case on Schools kill children’s innate creative talents, But in EducationBookCast Stanislaw Pstrokonski argues against it and rips apart Ken Robinson’s ideas. In this post, I will share my views on this topic. I will first quote Ken Robison speech followed my ideas.

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Cool Mind reading trick to teach maths to kids

I taught a cool mind reading trick to my kid and she loved playing it. It’s based on math and computer science fundamentals and it has interesting things to teach kids of any age 3 or even 13. I’ll share the trick, concepts behind it and the things we can teach kids using it.

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How to make great presentations for a training session

I observed effective methods used to make an excellent presentation while attending uberconf - software technical conference. I will share some of the best practices and tips to create an outstanding presentation for a training session.

1. Communicate the Goal.

State one or all of the following.

  • Goal of the presentation
  • Agenda of what you will learn in the presentation.
  • What will be the takeaway at the end of the presentation.

You need to make sure that they feel that spending next hour or so in this training is worth their time.

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